Transit Exec Admits – Easier to Bulldoze Homes



Transit Exec Admits – Easier to Bulldoze Homes

Libertarianz candidate for Mt Albert, Julian Pistorius has discovered the real reason why Mt Albert homes will be demolished for motorway construction. Pistorius asked NZTA executives why they decided against going down Oakley Creek as an alternative to destroying private homes.

The answer from NZTA’s Wayne McDonald was: “The Environment Court … would go for protecting the open space and the environment, before they’d worry about people’s homes.”

Pistorius responded, “It is as Libertarianz has been warning for a long time: Regulations in New Zealand now make it easier to bulldoze family homes, than to touch ‘green’ areas. Plants and puddles are now more important than people. It is time to put individuals and their property rights first. That is what a free and prosperous society is based on.”

“It is obvious that without the Resource Management Act (which all but prohibits touching mangrove swamps and minor creeks), the NZTA could be more creative when planning motorway routes. And to protect property rights, the Public Works Act – which allows them to steal people’s homes – should be scrapped.”

“Mt Albert voters: None of the other candidates in Mt Albert put your property rights first,” Pistorius concluded. “If you want someone to fight for your rights, vote for Julian Pistorius.”

For more information contact:

Julian Pistorius
Libertarianz Candidate for Mt Albert
Phone: 021 15 222 44
Email: [email protected]
Campaign Website:

Note: The audio snippet with the above NZTA quote can be found here.

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