Unitec Candidates Meeting

Just came back from a candidates meeting at Unitec. It was raucous, and mainly the supporters of the candidates there. Very few actual Unitec students to be seen. The bare-footed ‘People Before Profits’ guy walked up to John Boscawen from ACT while he was speaking, and slapped a lamington (sponge cake and cream) on his head. An ACT supporter ran up, scooped the lamington from off John’s head. John kept talking as if nothing happened. The angry ACT supporter then threw the remains of the lamington at the offending troglodyte.

All very amusing, but as I told a TV3 reporter afterwards, this election seems to be all about the antics and scandals – and not at all about principles. Not one of the candidates on the stage seemed to object ‘on principle’ to the forced expropriation of the property of people who are in the way of the proposed motorway extension.

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