AUT Meet & Greet

AUT had an event for students and staff to meet the Mt Albert by-election candidates today.

We each had a chance to state our positions clearly, spout meaningless platitudes, mumble incoherently, or rant like lunatics – depending on the approach of each individual candidate.

The only person (other than myself – if I might not-so-humbly declare) who made any sense was Dakta Green the ALCP candidate, who gave an impassioned and principled speech on the absolute, mindless prohibition of certain substances in New Zealand. He emphasised the fact that it is a matter of freedom and individual rights. Good on ya Dakta!

During question time, a member of the audience asked what each candidate thought about the violation of the property rights of the owners of homes in the way of the motorway, railway, cycleways and other infrastructure projects. I denounced the current policy, urging that property rights should be respected. Russel Norman completely evaded the question, going on about public transport instead. David Shearer waffled on about nothing much at all – as per usual, probably hoping that if he mentions his favourite word: ‘communities’ as many times as possible, that nobody would notice that he hadn’t actually said anything. Neither Melissa Lee nor John Boscawen had bothered to stay around long enough to get to the questions. Very poor all round, I thought. I think the electorate needs an answer to this crucial question.

Thanks to the all the Libz crew who turned up in support.

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Libz crew at AUT
Libz crew at AUT

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