Vanishing Democracy of New Zealand

Here is a short video by independent cameraman and journalist, Vincent Eastwood, on the marginalisation of minor candidates by the media and organisations who arrange candidate meetings. He interviews myself and Dakta Green (ALCP):

Vanishing Democracy Of New Zealand & NWO (MR NEWS)

Though he makes some excellent points, I don’t agree with Dakta about forcing organisations to invite all candidates.

Libertarianz respects the rights of media and other organisations to invite whomever they want.

Back in 2005, when Jim Anderton and Peter Dunne wanted to take TV3 to court for not having them on the leaders debate, Peter Cresswell and Bernard Darnton presented our case for supporting TV3’s rights, even though Libertarianz could have joined the whingers:

Not PC: Dunne desperate for the worm

Libertarianz objects to busybodying over Leaders Debate

So, if you want to see diversity of opinions and a challenge to the status quo, voice your discontent, and persuade the media and other organisations to give people other than the ‘usual suspects’ a fair go. Persuasion, not force, is way to go about it.

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