Scary Campfire Story – Mac OS X Software Update

It’s a day, just like any other day. You run Software Update, and it installs Safari 5.0. After re-booting, you find that Finder crashes repeatedly. You start worrying.

You then run Safari to see if anybody else on the Web has experienced the same problem. But no, Safari won’t start at all, and keeps crashing. You try to keep calm.

So you start Software Update, to see if Apple has released a patch to fix the problem… Only… “Software Update quit unexpectedly”… Aaaaaah! :-(

2 thoughts on “Scary Campfire Story – Mac OS X Software Update”

  1. Are you having Adobe Acrobat crashing as well? Apparently Safari uses Fash with Adobe – a compatability issue. Try going to hard drive/librarys/intenet plugins/ drag the flash player files to the desk top…should be two…

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