Cloud storage security, or why you should worry if you use Dropbox and Google Drive

What with Google Drive’s scary terms and conditions, and past security breaches at DropBox where anybody could see your stuff, I worry a bit about cloud storage.

I really like SpiderOak because even if they were forced to, they couldn’t figure out what you’re storing, or even what the files are called. It’s called zero knowledge.

Give SpiderOak a try:

4 thoughts on “Cloud storage security, or why you should worry if you use Dropbox and Google Drive”

  1. I’ll certainly have a look at Spideroak. I currently use Google Docs for transferring docx between laptop and iPad (Office Squared). They say my files are private, but Google worries me, full stop. Don’t know if Spideroak will work in same way as Google Docs though, and it took me long enough to figure that out.

  2. Hi Mark.

    Doesn’t look like you could use SpiderOak out of the box for what you’re doing with Google Docs. Information gleaned from Office Squared’s feature list, and the article below, I reckon I could hack together a system that would do the job securely, possibly without needing to use any cloud storage at all.

    See here:

    Otherwise you might be able to use Dropbox with Office Squared instead of Google Docs if you’re worried about Google.

    You could always ask Office Squared whether they’re planning to support SpiderOak or iCloud.

    P.S. Do you use a Mac laptop or Windows?

  3. See, you lost me :) I use a Windows laptop. Office Squared app for iPad is brilliant: allows me to work on Office docx/dox/xlw files on iPad. I’ll have a look at your link and do some reading over the weekend. I’ve never even had a look at Dropbox so need to look into that also.

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