How to Reach the Left | Roderick T. Long

In this video Roderick Long makes the claim that many libertarians buy into the corporatist world view. He explains that (some) liberals and libertarians have more in common than they think, and that libertarians often go wrong when talking to liberals. I highly recommend it for both liberals and libertarians.

It includes this great quote from Murray Rothbard on big business:

“For some time I have come to the conclusion that the grave deficiency in the current output and thinking of our libertarians and ‘classical liberals’ is an enormous blind spot when it comes to big business. There is a tendency to worship Big Business per se… and a corollary tendency to fail to realize that while big business would indeed merit praise if they won that bigness on the purely free market, that in the contemporary world of total neo-mercantilism and what is essentially a neo-fascist ‘corporate state,’ bigness is a priori highly suspect, because Big Business most likely got that way through an intricate and decisive network of subsidies, privileges, and direct and indirect grants of monopoly protection.”

YouTube – How to Reach the Left | Roderick T. Long.

What Have We Learned in 2,065 Years? (Updated)

“The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”

– Cicero, 55 BC

Evidently nothing.

(Hat tip: my dad)

UPDATE: See the comment by Grant. It seems there is some doubt around the origins of this quote. Thanks Grant! I still approve of the sentiment, and wish more modern politicians would too.

Petition: Help Suspend the Emissions Trading Scheme

On July 1st National intends to inflict on New Zealand the world’s most comprehensive and expensive emissions trading scheme. It will increase the cost of power and petrol, forcing food prices to rise along with the cost of all other goods and services. Australia has just suspended their scheme until 2013. New Zealand should do the same otherwise we risk an exodus of businesses relocating to Australia to avoid the cost-burden on wealth creators that this scheme will impose. We want this petition to send the Prime Minister the strongest possible message to suspend the ETS. Please support this petition and get everyone else to do so too as the more people who sign, the more powerful our message.

To sign the petition please click here

Vanishing Democracy of New Zealand

Here is a short video by independent cameraman and journalist, Vincent Eastwood, on the marginalisation of minor candidates by the media and organisations who arrange candidate meetings. He interviews myself and Dakta Green (ALCP):

Vanishing Democracy Of New Zealand & NWO (MR NEWS)

Though he makes some excellent points, I don’t agree with Dakta about forcing organisations to invite all candidates.

Libertarianz respects the rights of media and other organisations to invite whomever they want.

Back in 2005, when Jim Anderton and Peter Dunne wanted to take TV3 to court for not having them on the leaders debate, Peter Cresswell and Bernard Darnton presented our case for supporting TV3’s rights, even though Libertarianz could have joined the whingers:

Not PC: Dunne desperate for the worm

Libertarianz objects to busybodying over Leaders Debate

So, if you want to see diversity of opinions and a challenge to the status quo, voice your discontent, and persuade the media and other organisations to give people other than the ‘usual suspects’ a fair go. Persuasion, not force, is way to go about it.

Come down to the pub and support me!

“Back Benches hits the road and heads to Auckland for a Mt Albert By-Election Special.

LIVE – Wednesday, June 10th from the Neighbourhood Brew Bar in Mt. Albert at 9:07pm

Watch on TVNZ 7 or catch the LIVE STREAM at at 9.10pm TONIGHT.

Wallace Chapman and the candidates get to the heart of the issues most important to the Mt. Albert electorate.

Our panel: ACT MP John Boscawen, Green MP & Co-Leader Russel Norman, Labour Candidate David Shearer, National MP Melissa Lee, and United Future Candidate Judy Turner.

No ticket required, but seats are limited – first in, first served.

Be there or be square!”

I’ll be there with boots on from around 6pm (have to be there early), so if you’re in the area, come and join me for a not-so-quiet pint. If you can’t be there, check it out on TV or the live stream.

(Click here for a map)

Advice for Rodney Hide

PC has some advice for Rodney Hide:


  • Eliminate the ability of non-ratepayers to vote in all local body elections;
  • Reintroduce non-resident ratepayer vote;
  • An immediate and permanent cap on the ratings levels of councils at existing monetary levels;
  • Require that the 25% of councils each year that tax ratepayers at the highest level per ratepayer be required to reduce rates to the level of the lowest council;
  • Require the abolition of all general rates differentials (e.g. higher rates for commercial properties vs. residential), with the current lowest general rating category applying across the board;
  • Eliminate targeted rates in favour of direct user charges;
  • Eliminate local authority petrol and diesel tax;
  • Immediately prohibit all councils entering into any new commercial or non-commercial venture of any kind, and  require that all existing trading activities of councils (including roads) be transferred to Local Authority Trading Enterprises;
  • Prohibit ratepayer funding for any activities of any Local Authority Trading Enterprise;
  • Prohibit new council borrowing. Existing debt repayments will only be able to be made from existing revenue sources, including privatisation;
  • Prohibit councils making bylaws that interfere with individual freedoms and private property rights;
  • Require that all councils when acting under their statutory obligations under the Resource Management Act, fully respect all private property rights;