Unitec Candidates Meeting

Just came back from a candidates meeting at Unitec. It was raucous, and mainly the supporters of the candidates there. Very few actual Unitec students to be seen. The bare-footed ‘People Before Profits’ guy walked up to John Boscawen from ACT while he was speaking, and slapped a lamington (sponge cake and cream) on his head. An ACT supporter ran up, scooped the lamington from off John’s head. John kept talking as if nothing happened. The angry ACT supporter then threw the remains of the lamington at the offending troglodyte.

All very amusing, but as I told a TV3 reporter afterwards, this election seems to be all about the antics and scandals – and not at all about principles. Not one of the candidates on the stage seemed to object ‘on principle’ to the forced expropriation of the property of people who are in the way of the proposed motorway extension.

PR: Melissa Lee Almost Right

Mt Albert By-Election
Libertarianz: Melissa Lee Almost Right
“Melissa Lee is right about criminals coming from South of Auckland,” says Libertarianz candidate, Julian Pistorius. 

Today Julian Pistorius, Libertarianz candidate in the Mt Albert by-election, backed the controversial statement made by beleaguered National Party candidate, Melissa Lee.
“Lee was right about criminals sneaking into Mt Albert from the south. She got it wrong when she blamed South Aucklanders though. The criminals are coming from much further south – Wellington.” 

Pistorius continued, “The real thieves are politicians and bureaucrats from Wellington who come to steal and bulldoze the homes of Mt Albert residents and plunder their earnings. It’s time for this to stop.”

To explain how to build a motorway without theft of houses, he said, “The land for the motorway should be acquired on the principle of voluntary agreement between the motorway builder and property owners. There are many examples of how roads, railway lines, pylons and gas pipe lines have been built without forcing people out of their homes. Buying options along a number of alternative routes is a great way to get this done.”

Pistorius concluded, “A vote for me would be a vote for a front bench MP who would put Mt Albert first, not an existing MP seeking to boost the funding of his or her office. I will advocate for your private property rights in the face of the motorway, and fight to reduce government meddling in your life.”




Libz Announce Candidate For Mt Albert


Libz Announce Candidate For Mt Albert

Libertarianz spokesman Julian Pistorius has been nominated by his party as their candidate in the Mt Albert by-election.

Julian is a 32 year old computer programmer and former deputy leader of the party. He was the Libertarianz Party candidate for the Northland electorate in the 2005 general election.

Julian says he believes in the philosophy of individualism – that people own their own lives, and that nobody has the right to tell you what you can do with your property or your body, as long as you don’t harm anybody else.

“To this end, I believe that the only legitimate function of government is to protect these individual rights,” he added. “Government has no place in education, health, welfare, business, religion, culture or people’s bedrooms. These are all areas where people can make up their own minds as to how they arrange their affairs.”

Julian and his party believe government is the source of – and not the answer to – many of the problems that beset our communities.

“For too long, bureaucrats and politicians have gotten away with eroding the rights of individuals,” he said. “Thanks to the Resource Management Act, property rights in this country are a farce. The education system is in a shambles. The public health system is hopelessly overloaded and inefficient.”

“Thousands of innocent people get locked away and treated as criminals for doing nothing more than ingesting substances that the government does not approve of. While this failed doctrine of prohibition is being enforced by an underfunded police force, real criminals get away with murder.”

“The state has all but eliminated the rights of individuals to carry arms and to defend themselves, their families and their property. The defence force has been stripped to an ineffectual phantom of what it once was, while at the same time we have let our strategic alliances crumble away.”

Julian believes local issues in the Mt Albert electorate such as any decision over new roading, and national issues such as the government’s response to the economic correction, should be worked through by peaceful negotiation, rather than local and national government riding roughshod over the rights of their citizens.

“For more freedom, and less government, there is only one choice in this by-election,” said Julian. “I am proud to represent the only party that wants to reduce the power of politicians – Libertarianz.”

For more information contact:

Julian Pistorius
Libertarianz Candidate for Mt Albert
Phone: 021 15 222 44
Email: [email protected]

Libertarianz: More Freedom, Less Government

Mt Albert Campaign

Julian PistoriusHi, I’m Julian Pistorius. I’m a 32 year old computer programmer and former deputy leader of Libertarianz.

I advocate individual rights. There is only one basic human right: the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.

  • Government’s job is to protect these rights, not do them over.
  • To be our servant, not our master.
  • To respect our freedoms, not to nanny us.
  • We should be free to live our lives as we choose – just as long as we each respect that same right in others.

The motorway–and so called super-city–are things that should be dealt with through negotiation, not by dictatorial edict from Wellington.

The candidates from the other major parties are already in Parliament. Their loyalties already lie elsewhere – to their parties, not to you.

At this by-election all the parties are listening. The Government is listening.

At this by-election you can send a clear unmistakable message to the National/ACT Government – by standing up for your rights, and Voting Pistorius.

No other candidate will stand up for you.

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Support Freedom

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Julian Pistorius

Phone: 021 15 222 44

Email: [email protected]