How to Reach the Left | Roderick T. Long

In this video Roderick Long makes the claim that many libertarians buy into the corporatist world view. He explains that (some) liberals and libertarians have more in common than they think, and that libertarians often go wrong when talking to liberals. I highly recommend it for both liberals and libertarians.

It includes this great quote from Murray Rothbard on big business:

“For some time I have come to the conclusion that the grave deficiency in the current output and thinking of our libertarians and ‘classical liberals’ is an enormous blind spot when it comes to big business. There is a tendency to worship Big Business per se… and a corollary tendency to fail to realize that while big business would indeed merit praise if they won that bigness on the purely free market, that in the contemporary world of total neo-mercantilism and what is essentially a neo-fascist ‘corporate state,’ bigness is a priori highly suspect, because Big Business most likely got that way through an intricate and decisive network of subsidies, privileges, and direct and indirect grants of monopoly protection.”

YouTube – How to Reach the Left | Roderick T. Long.

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Julian PistoriusHi, I’m Julian Pistorius. I’m a 32 year old computer programmer and former deputy leader of Libertarianz.

I advocate individual rights. There is only one basic human right: the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.

  • Government’s job is to protect these rights, not do them over.
  • To be our servant, not our master.
  • To respect our freedoms, not to nanny us.
  • We should be free to live our lives as we choose – just as long as we each respect that same right in others.

The motorway–and so called super-city–are things that should be dealt with through negotiation, not by dictatorial edict from Wellington.

The candidates from the other major parties are already in Parliament. Their loyalties already lie elsewhere – to their parties, not to you.

At this by-election all the parties are listening. The Government is listening.

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