Julian Pistorius


Experienced Senior Research Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and industry. Skilled in Python, Linux/Unix, Containers, Databases, Cloud, and Elm front-end development. Seeking to leverage my technical skills and passion for research to contribute to a dynamic team.


B.S., Computer Science: The University of Auckland, New Zealand (1997-1998)
The University of Pretoria, South Africa (1995-1997)

Professional Experience

Independent Contractor for Indiana University, 2020 – Present

University of Arizona, Tucson AZ (arizona.edu), 2016 – 2022

Held senior software engineering positions at a life sciences research institute as well as a data science team of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Software Company, 2013 – 2016

Medical Startup, 2015 – 2016

Tutoring Company, 2014 – 2015

Tutored University Computer Science students, mainly in Python

Additional work history from 1995 – 2014 (Details available on request)

Industries: Educational Sector, Finance & Banking, E-Commerce, Search Engines, Mobile, Mining

Open Source Projects

Exosphere (gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere)

Co-founder and maintainer of this open-source project written in Elm, enabling non-technical people to leverage the power of cloud-computing (starting with OpenStack).

Community Involvement

Research Bazaar Arizona (researchbazaar.arizona.edu)

Co-founded this grassroots organization in early 2016 to foster a community of practice for people who work with data.

Tucson Python Meetup (meetup.com/tucson-python-meetup)

Co-founded this community group in 2014 to promote Python and increase programming literacy through coding sessions, talks, and workshops.

OpenStack Scientific SIG

Active in community since 2016.





Available upon request